laburnum booking contract

Booking Contract

I wish to leave my pets in the care of Laburnum Kennels and Cattery, I can confirm that my pet(s) have had the required vaccinations needed to stay at this establishment and the kennel staff have seen proof of these vaccinations.

I understand that if I wish my pets to share accommodation it is done so at my own risk, and that the above establishment cannot be held responsible for any incident or injury that may occur due to these actions.

The above establishment cannot be held responsible for any bedding, toys and leads that I have brought with my pet(s).

I give permission for any photo’s that have been taken of my pet, to be published on the Laburnum Kennels and Cattery Fan Club / Facebook group.

If I make a complaint, I will do this directly to the Laburnum Kennels and Cattery Manager or Owner, with the hope of giving the above mentioned establishment the opportunity to resolve any issues I may have. I will not post my complaint on social media in a malicious and defamatory manner, as I understand this may result in legal action being taken against me.

I understand any hide chews that are given to my pets under my instruction is done so at my own risk.

I have ensured that my pet(s) collar(s) are in good condition and are suitable to provide maximum safety whilst my pet(s) are being excercised.

I understand that the above establishment cannot be held responsible for any illness that could occur from an existing medical problem and will not be covered by the establishments insurance.

If two or more pets are sharing the same accommodation, I give permission for the partition to be closed with a pet at either side of it for safety when feeding, if deemed necessary.

I also give permission to Laburnum Boarding Kennels and Cattery to obtain any information needed from the appropriate vetinary establishment regarding annual boosters, kennel cough and any medical history that may be needed to help Laburnum give optimum care possible to my pet(s) during their stay.

If someone other than myself is collecting my pet(s), I understand that proof of identity will be needed, or release of said pet(s) may be refused.

In case of injury or illness (that may occur during your pets with with the above establishment) but once at home, the proceedure is as follows…
the owner takes the pet for veterinary treatment, pays the bill, then brings a detailed list of the treatment from your veterinary establishment to Laburnum Kennels and Cattery, they will fill out and send a claim form to their pet insurance company, when payment has been received it will be forwarded to you.

If your pet is with us for 7 days over and above collection date, without contact or explaination, the ownership of the animal will be turned over to Laburnum Kennels and Cattery, and they will do as they see fit with the above mentioned pet(s).

If your pet needs veterinary treatment and your preferred vets are unavailable or too far away, then we will take them to our vets (Greenwood & Brown) and let then contact your vets to discuss treatment.