Please use this form to send us any general enquiry or to check availability for your chosen dates. Alternatively you can visit or phone us at:

Laburnum Cottage,
Carr Houses, Methley,
Leeds, Yorkshire
LS26 9AG.

Telephone/Fax: 01977 512864

  • Fully heated spacious kennels 12' 6" X 6'
  • Specially designed fully heated cat chalets
  • Individual menus catered for with "treats" throughout the day if required and more...
We now provide full facilities covering every aspect of cleaning and grooming your dog.

We can do everything from washing, trimming, grooming and clipping and our aim is to ensure that your dog
enjoys the experience as much as you will enjoy your dog's appearance!

Our address is:

Laburnum Cottage,
    Carr Houses,	                                 Telephone/Fax: 01977 512864
    LS26 9AG.