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Laburnum Kennels offers cat boarding services at fantastic prices. Get in touch with us now. We serve customers throughout West Yorkshire.

If you are looking for cat boarding services in West Yorkshire, look no further than Laburnum Kennels. We pride ourselves on providing the finest accommodation and services for your cat. Our trained, professional and caring staff provide comfortable cat boarding solutions. Our calm and soothing environment ensures that our furry guests enjoy their stay with us. Our cat chalets are heated and have cozy bedding and baskets. We use heat pads to keep them snug and warm. Contact us today!

Here’s what we offer:
Heated cattery.
Special diets.
Separate accommodation for each cat.
Clean, warm and comfortable cat accommodation.



Have a look at some of our recent feline guests in the image gallery below. Click on the images to expand.

Frequently Asked Questions

With what and how often will you feed my cat?

Cats are fed twice daily with a meat and biscuit diet. If your cat requires a special diet, please let us know before your arrival date so that arrangement can be made.

This is the first time we've left our cat and I'm very nervous.

You are welcome to come and view the Cattery here at Laburnum Kennels before you make your decision. The cat chalets are made from u.p.v.c and are individually equipped with heat pads.

I have heard horror stories about cattery's before - how can I be sure your's is different?

Laburnum Boarding Kennels & Cattery have been looking after peoples’ pets for over 30 years.

We pay fanatical attention to cleanliness and the kennels and cat chalets are maintained to the hygienic and comfortable standard that makes us proud and you and them happy and secure.

Have a look at our Facebook page and read what our customers think about us. You are also welcome to come and have a look around before you make a decision.