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Ramblers Rest

The Ramblers Rest is a refreshment bar that offer homemade dog goodies and refreshments, as well as amazing homemade hooman goodies. Situated at Laburnum Boarding Kennels & Cattery in Methley. The Ramblers Rest is along the side of the Green Way Cycle Path, which is a 16km route between Castleford and Wakefield Greenway.

It uses the old Methley Railway line and connects the new Castleford Greenway at Methley Junction with the Trans Pennine Trail, building on existing routes to Leeds, Castleford and Wakefield.

Drinks & Snacks For You...

... And Refreshments For Your Best Friend

doggie treats at the ramblers rest

Liam Lynch


doggie treats at the ramblers rest

Theresa Hunter


doggie treats at the ramblers rest

Hina Saitō

Pediatrician Veterinarian

When Are You Open?

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