dog boardingDog Boarding

At Laburnum Kennels

Professional staff you can trust.

Fully heated spacious kennels 12′ 6″ X 6′.

Kennels and chalets all cleaned twice daily.

Fresh water twice daily.

All pets fully insured through Pet Plan during their stay.

Competent Medical Pet Care.

Individual menus catered for with “treats” if required.

The kennels are designed with corridor access to the rear sleeping quarters (which also have window lighting).

We pay fanatical attention to cleanliness and the kennels and cat chalets are maintained to the hygienic and comfortable standard that makes us proud and you and them happy and secure.

Our Kennels are spacious with a covered in external run attached, that your pets (our guests) have access to all day.

Heated Kennels

Our kennels are fully central heated which is set to come on after their final walk on an evening and the shutter to the external part of the kennel is closed. The heating remains on until the following morning, when your pets have their first walk and the shutter to the external run is lifted.


We provide most popular brands of dry and wet dog food from James wellbeloved to pedigree chum, but if these are not adequate for your furbaby then we advise that you bring your own.


We also have an exercise area for those who are very bouncy and playful and the two field walks don’t just cut it, so this allows them to be off the lead and we throw and kick balls about in the for them.

As well as the two walks that are included in your nightly fee, we do offer extra field walk option, this costs £1.50 extra however many times you require them throughout their stay, also we offer extra long walks, these are charged at £3.50 per dog, or £5 for a family of two or more and again, can be offered as much as requested by the customer, one every day, or one every other day, once a week you choose.

We also have a full enrichment programme that means we are constantly in the kennels with our guests playing and interacting with them, they are not just placed in a kennel and left.


Free Trial Day

We also offer a free trial day, for those of you that are unsure if a kennel environment would be the best for your fur baby, then give us a ring and take advantage of our free trial day, ( kennel space permitting) , bring them along to us, and leave them with us for a few hours, while you go shopping or a bit of lunch out, and we will give you our true opinion on whether we think kennels would be best and that they were fine within our care, when you return to collect them.

NB: All Animals MUST be up to date with their yearly vaccinations or be within a year of a clear titer test, and evidence of this MUST be shown when you first come along to book in your fur babies stay with us.