new laburnum kennels website coming soon

Laburnum Kennels Interactive Website Coming Soon

We are exited to tell all of our present customers and friends that the Laburnum Boarding Kennels and Cattery will soon have a new website! The current site is looking very tired, and since we had it built in 2015, web design has moved on.

Our current site was hard to update, lacked a number of functions that modern day sites have as standard and was not responsive (it didn’t render correctly on tablets and mobile devices). When I viewed a page on my mobile phone I was always having to resize the page so that I could read all the text, something that I’ve been assured I will not need to do on the new site.

The same page of the new website on a desktop PC, a tablet and a mobile phone.

NB: The web address of the kennels will not change after the update.

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