small animal hotel

Small Animal Hotel

We have extended our services to accommodate smaller pets such as rabbits and hamsters at our small animal hotel. Rest assured if you are going on holiday you’ll pet will be loved and cared for the same as at home, we are dedicated to providing the very best service to ensure they have a great stay with us. Our staff will take care of all their dietary requirements.

First Rate Facilities

Whether you’re booking a cat chalet, dog kennel, a place at the small animal hotel or a session at our dog parlour, our facilities and service are outstanding. If you’d like us to look after a pet that’s not listed please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My young daughter is upset about leaving her pet rabbit. Can we view where Flopsy will stay?

Come and view!  You can visit any day inc. weekends 1-3 pm viewing times (no appointment needed!). And this is also the home of our doggie and people friendly cafe.

What food will my pet be given?

While your small animal stays with us, they follow the dietary routine you have provided, and we are happy to include fresh green treats ourselves if required.