laburnham terms and conditions


No bookings will now be made without a deposit or payment. Unfortunately, we can no longer pencil in dates without a deposit or payment being made.

A £100 deposit is now requested for all bookings. If bookings are only for a short stay and less than £100, then full costs must be paid on placing the booking.

Deposits or payments can be made over the phone via card at the time of booking or via the Kennelbooker Stripe portal. These methods will generate an immediate confirmation of your booking and deposit/payment. If you choose to pay via bank transfer, please use the booking reference No. as your reference. The confirmation can take 7 – 14 day to arrive at your email address.


SORT:- 606005
ACC :- 45713715
(either of these above two methods will take around 7-14 days to receive your confirmation email)

All customers must pay in full 8-weeks before arrival or unfortunately your booking will be removed.

If once the booking has been made and paid for, you need to cancel your booking, this can be done up to 4-weeks of arrival. You will then receive back your monies paid, minus a £50 booking fee.

If you cancel your booking with us within 4-weeks of your pets stated arrival, then unfortunately your deposit/payment will not be refunded.

All customers either new or old, will be expected to please follow these Terms and Conditions.

Please note that we are closed between 12.00 – 1.00pm for lunch.

All Christmas bookings must be paid for in full by the 30th November or again unfortunately your booking will have to be removed.

All pets must be up to date with their annual boosters which must be produced or uploaded to Kennelbooker.

All customers will be asked to sign our Boarding Contract, either digitally or in person on arrival.

All new customers with dogs are advised to organise a free day trial before your dogs stay, to make sure they are happy to stay with us and that we can comfortably care for them.

All emergency contacts must be in the UK and should be aware that they are the contact. They should be local to us, or able to travel.

Please Note: We do have arrival and departure times. If you need to come either side of these times then that needs to be pre-booked. This will incur extra night fees.

Arrival: 1.00 – 3.00PM. Departure: 9.00 – 11.00AM. Please double check flight/travel times.

Also we now have an honesty policy. If your dogs/cats have any issues, then please, please, inform us at the time of booking. This may not result in us refusing them, but we may deal with them differently to limit any chance of injury to our team.

If your pet is on raw food but is happy to eat dry kibble or any other kind of branded food, then please consider bringing or requesting this instead. We have limited freezer space.

Please do not bring anything of value, either monetary or sentimental, with your pet, as we cannot be held responsible for items being lost or destroyed. Please do not bring bedding as this is always provided and or drinking or feeding bowls as these are provided also (unless they have a problem with stainless steel dishes/bowls). For your pet’s comfort, rather than bringing bedding, an old jumper or tee-shirt with your scent on it placed in the basket with our bedding will surfice.

Please make sure that all food that you supply has your pet’s name on it.

We also now have a collection and return service that if needed, will need to be arranged at the time of placing your booking. This will obviously create an additional fee.

We also have a new grooming service. This can be arranged for your pet whilst staying with us. Please contact the groomer, Sarah, on 07921518544. This service is separate from the kennels and will need to be paid for via Sarah.

Kennel cough vaccination is one that we highly recommend, but do not insist on. If you do decide to have the kennel cough vaccination, then this must be done at least two weeks before coming to the kennels. If given any later than 14-days clear of stay, then this will result in your pet being refused to stay.

You can no longer go into the kennels/cattery with your pets. If you have looked around the facilities before booking your pet in with us, then this should surfice.

Thank you.

Laburnham. November 2023.