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So Why Choose a Boarding Kennels and Cattery?

1)Safety :- Our kennels and catteries are all fitted with safety corridors, so there can be no sneaky escapes. We have CCTV inside and outside so we can monitor your pets and the premises at all times. There is always someone on site to make sure all your pets are safe and well. Our kennels are kept to a high standard of cleanliness, that way your pets can come in to contact with harsh / toxic chemicals or pick up anything they shouldnt.

2) Exercise and socialisation :- Your pets (dogs) get 2 walks a day around our spacious field where they can play and fuss- with or without other dogs depending on each dogs requirements. We also offer extra walks for dogs who need a bit more exercise. We spend as much time as possible interacting with dogs and cats throughout the day.

3) Medical requirements:- Our staff are qualified in pet first aid, and are knowledgable in administering all types of medications. Whatever your pets needs are, we can administer what is needed at the correct dose at the correct time.

4) Trained staff:- Our staff have undertaken lots of courses and training in Animal care, from veterinary nurse training, animal first aid,canine nutrition and canine communication and training. We are all devoted to giving your pets the best possible care.

5) Entertainment and interaction:- We are a happy bunch who love to enjoy every day and that includes keeping our boarders happy too. Thats why we love to interact with the dogs and cats as much as we can in a possitive, friendly manner.



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